The perfect sheepskin jacket

Friday, March 20, 2015

the perfect sheepskin jacket

Finding the perfect sheepskin jacket has to be one of my charity shopping highlights of all time, it is roomy without being daft, faux enough to be washed and something I can throw on when it gets chilly. Imagine my delight at finding such a piece and holding it aloft in triumph only to be asked by my ever grounded husband if I was off to the dog races... keeping it real.

the perfect sheepskin jacket

One outfit straight out of the seventies which pleased me no end to wear. Sheepskin jacket, cowboy shirt, flared jeans, high platforms. I have to wear this again, over and over.

the perfect sheepskin jacketthe perfect sheepskin jacketthe perfect sheepskin jacket

I wish the shadows weren't so dark in these shots and I wish someone had told me that before I'd climbed a steep bank in six inch heels, precariously balanced myself on a huge tree root and tried not to squint a while before taking a long time getting down again. Oh well!


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