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Monday, March 16, 2015


I'm making plans for a little face lift around here although when they will come to fruition, who knows. I love this place, my little space to enthuse, express and share all the things I enjoy. While other bloggers frequently say they run out of ideas and inspiration of what to post about I find myself with the opposite problem; that I have too much to ready and work on compared to my available time to compose it all. There are so many pictures I've taken over the last two years that have never surfaced, nor some of them even looked through which although is sad, the enjoyment in taking them at the time was still just as fulfilling so it was all worthwhile.

In the late hours of the day once I no longer have the energy to potter around I can sit down, open my laptop and let out my thoughts. This precious time has lead me to filter out all the things I feel indifferent about and instead focus on precisely what I want to do. While in the early days I took on most collaborative posts that were offered to me because I was pleased to be asked, I've learned the long way that thinking twice is far more wise. The work that goes into each post, especially collaborative posts, is significant to me. This space is not a shop window, I have no intention of playing the role of a PR puppet, just acting out a merry dance each time my strings are pulled for a small fee. The projects I undertake are the ones I absolutely connect with; brands I love, local talent I want to promote, reviews that interest me (and therefore you, I hope).

The reward of doing just as I please is invaluable.


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