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Wednesday, March 04, 2015


To the woods.

To the empty place of sparse growth; the barren wasteland of papery leaf litter, the skeletal trees reaching out to one another, the brittle fallen twigs serving to entangle unsuspecting visitors.


Sometimes things just come together and work themselves out all by themselves. This outfit was a prime example of that; I knew I wanted to wear this skirt and boots together again (match made in heaven) and couldn't decide on what I should wear on top. Last time I wore my oversized pastel-y green jumper which worked well. Any browns, blacks or grey just looked so dull and sombre which didn't leave all that many options. I spied this cropped orange jumper and knew it was perfect! The orange matched the thin stripes of orange in the skirt a treat and the high waisted nature of the skirt meant that the cropped jumper didn't leave an awkward gap.


Comfy, cosy and still left me feeling good about myself. I couldn't ask for more.


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  1. Even though the forest is quite dead and empty, it still makes a nice backdrop for the photos. Plus I like it that the winter sun can get through when there's no leaves on the trees.

    High waisted things and cropped jumpers, it's a perfect match. No cold stomach! win!

  2. Yes, they do go well together!

  3. I love the combination of this skirt and jumper Sophie, a favourite from you! x

  4. Love those boots! It looks great with the orange, no danger of you getting lost in the woods! :)


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