Why my Mum is awesome

Friday, March 06, 2015


My Mum, she's a Mum in a Million. She's a Mum in around two billion or so, but I'm not going into the finer statistics. What makes her so special? Well, an immeasurable amount of reasons to me but I don't have all year to wax lyrical about how awesome she is. I'll just give you a little snippet of an insight.

My Mum has balls, though not literally or she would be my Dad. She is gutsy and strong. We go to boot camp together once a week where she absolutely kicks ass and is making progress week on week, it's inspiring to see. One thing that she already has nailed and completely leaves me (and the rest of the class) biting the dust on is planking. She can hold a proper good plank for a solid 3.5 minutes! I first discovered this at our first session back this year and upon near passing out when I crumpled to the ground felt awash with a heady mix of mortification and pride.

I mean it really shouldn't surprise me. Mum's always been one for gritting her teeth. I've never really seen her take painkillers... She gave birth to my younger brother without any pain relief by choice, just to see what it was like. He weighed in at over 9lbs and from what I have gathered that's like a family size turkey at Christmas. Bravo!

It would be inappropriate to go into much detail but I do want to say how enormously proud I am of Mum's health and fitness journey over the past 15 or so years; she's achieved so much through dedication and willpower and I think she's in great shape.

I'm not usually one for making a song and dance over 'days', with the exception of Christmas.

However, I've been given an opportunity to talk about why my mother is a Mum in a Million as part of a competition that's running with Parkdean where you can win a holiday break for your Mum (which would be an awesome surprise for Mother's day indeed).


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