First things first, amaryllis

Thursday, March 05, 2015

potting an amaryllispotting an amaryllispotting an amaryllispotting an amaryllis

First things first, amaryllis.

I couldn't resist this title which is both a prime illustration of how muddled I get with song lyrics (Fancy) and an appropriate summary of the subject.

My Nan gave me an amaryllis bulb for Christmas which was a delightful surprise. I've never had one before and it made me feel a bit grown up in a funny sort of way.

My mental to-do list is constantly growing and with day to day chores taking precedence then the more time hungry things getting put back to weekends it's a constant juggling act to cover all bases, or try. Planting the amaryllis, funnily enough, has never surfaced to the top. Not even close. The box has been sitting on the sideboard for two months taunting me. My Mum found it something of a standing joke over the weeks so proudly displayed her own, in full bloom, for all to see. I feared the worst for my own plant; stuck in that box all alone without food or water. It had started to shoot a little in perhaps some fervent hope that it would find nourishment beyond the lid.

Sometimes you have to re-assess your priorities. Although the most pressing matters can feel like the be all and end all, there is life beyond. The act of planting my bulb in it's bed of soil, watering generously, popping it into the shiny new blue pot I carefully chose and placing it in the hallway where I will see it often was ridiculously rewarding; it's been a joy to catch a glimpse of it each time I pass. I'm convinced it's grown since the weekend but maybe I'm looking at it through heart-shaped rose tinted spectacles. My hopes are pinned on it continuing to survive, nay thrive and flowering for us to enjoy.

I guess that this dry little bulb has taught me an unexpected lesson; that taking a little time to be selfish and fulfil a want instead of a need can provide new motivation to carry on with the everyday.


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