Dare I say it?

Monday, March 09, 2015


Dare I say it? Is spring truly here? Judging by the weather this weekend I would have to conclude that the seasons are changing in front of our very eyes.

I've been outside taking in the sights of course and will share those with you as soon as I can.

Plus I've been 'up the city' (as we say out in the sticks) to see the Vintage Fashion show as part of Norwich Fashion Week so I'll share some highlights of that too.

It's just one of those quick posts today with a picture from last week that I adore of the bluebell shoots just sneaking up amongst the leaf litter; you might miss them on first glance but they haven't gone unnoticed. It sums up the current state of season.

Hope your weekend was everything you deserved and that your week starts well.


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