Thigh socks rock

Friday, October 23, 2015

thigh socks and a miniskirt in the woodsthigh socks and a miniskirt in the woods
My outfit is basically an homage to one that caught my eye twenty years ago in the crazy days of childhood. Picture the scene: Mum's driving my friend and I through the pitch black countryside in the evening in the mid nineties to a disco for Brownies the local area. I was nervous. We were a little lost. Then all a sudden we came across the venue, which was unmistakably the right place due to the blaring music and lights. As we drove closer I heard the most amazing track start to play and witnessed my Mum's face display a look of pure horror. Had it not been for my friend in the car I'm in no doubt we would have U-turned and been out of that car park faster than you could say “teenage pregnancy”. Anyway, I was somehow allowed out of the car, ready to make the coolest entry to a party imaginable to Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise. It's been one of my very favourite tracks since that day, bringing back memories of that evening. 
thigh socks and a miniskirt in the woods
Some things never change. I didn't really speak to anyone much that night. The music was so loud I couldn't hear anything anyone was saying anyway and I only knew a couple of people. The evening was mostly spent awkwardly dancing and trying to blend in as well as drinking copious bottles of panda pops and eating crisps I expect. As well as learning the f-bomb for the first time (Who the f*ck is Alice, shouted loudly to the chagrin of the brownie leaders) I also realised how much younger and plainer I looked than the other girls my age. Although I was around 10 or 11 at the time, I felt so much more childish than the other girls, both in looks and in the way I acted. The boys were a foreign species. Not one of them looked at me, not one of them spoke to me and of course absolutely none asked me to dance. It seemed to set a precedent for every other social occasion (ever).
thigh socks and a miniskirt in the woodsthigh socks and a miniskirt in the woodssocks7
There was this one girl who turned out to be the same age as me who wore this amazing outfit which has stuck with me for the last two decades; a red tartan mini skirt, over the knee socks and a turtle neck top. She looked so cool and all the boys wanted to hang around her. Urgh. Anyway, I've finally recreated the outfit for myself and feel happy as a pig in sh*t.


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