White lace tutu

Monday, October 05, 2015

wearing a lace tutuwearing a lace tutu

I thought my days of dreaming of wearing a lace tutu were over after quitting ballet age 10; the regret of never having danced en pointe occasionally pops back into my head. The weirdness of standing like a frog was balanced out with good posture for a few years until I shook off both traits. These days I'm not even sure I can muster a good toes-naughty toes but hey ho, that's 20 years of life under the bridge.

wearing a lace tutuwearing a lace tutu

Where was I? Oh yes, the lace tutu. I wouldn't have bought it at all without the enabling of Hazel on a shopping trip to Norwich a while ago. I thought it was too short (and too young for me) but was informed otherwise and bought it anyway. I do love the cuteness of it. The off-white tuile is something I wouldn't usually reach for but all bets are off for summer. Last outing for the floral crown for this year? More than likely.

wearing a lace tutuwearing a lace tutuwearing a lace tutu

Neon pink mesh jumper? Check! Why not?. It's perfect for warm days. The warm days are numbered now. Could this weekend have been the last hurrah of summer? Hmmm.


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  1. Yay! I think I was absolutely right! the way you've styled it means that it neither looks too young nor too short. You could also wear this under a shirt too - there's a cute way to add extra layers for Autumn.

    I think we have seen the last of the summer sun sadly. Time of out Instagram feeds to fill up with golden leaves, pumpkins and people in scarves, to which I will probably contribute. It'll be back before we know it Sophie.

    Could I challenge you to find a cold weather appropriate floral crown, I wonder...?

    Hehe - good toes-naughty toes!

  2. Oh, I really like the way you've styled this. I used to have similar skirts but went through them ruthlessly and ditched anything short.

  3. This outfit is so cute. I love the tutu. I also regret giving up ballet, but I guess there's still time!
    Emma Xx

  4. It is really pretty! Good persuasion Hazel! Cute styling too! Nah, keep the floral crowns coming!!!
    I stayed at ballet long enough to do pointe work but it bloomin well hurt-luckily orchestra then clashed with ballet so I gave it up!!

  5. Yes! Just when I think you can't pull another one out of the closet - you so do. You know I am your biggest, bravest fan. I heart you Sophie and your white lace tutu too.
    x x x

  6. This jumper is incredible, I love the colour on you!

    Maria xxx


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