Making changes for Autumn

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Changes for autumn at homeNorfolkautumn2Changes for autumn at home

Making the best of things; that's what I'm up to at this precise point in time. We're beyond the tipping point of ever hoping for that elusive Indian Summer and the clocks changing has meant that it's now getting dark early evening. The feel of Autumn is undeniable. I'm propping myself up with a few treats wheeled out at this time of year, saved to distract from my gloom.

I've done the big wardrobe switch with all my summer clothes now packed away 'til spring and all my winter clothes getting rediscovered. New inspiration is growing of what I want to wear over the coming months. Recent buys teamed with old favourites; new styles and reworked classics. Yes, this may be baffling to C (and many people) but my wardrobe is a collection of wonderful possessions and I enjoy putting together outfits to wear out and about. It makes me happy.

The abundance of pumpkins everywhere has prompted me to get busy in the kitchen. As well as my most favourite pumpkin tray bake recipe, I have made two batches of pumpkin soup to really get into this curious squash in a way I've never managed to before. Maybe I'll share the recipes soon.

Alas, our own pumpkins failed so I bought my two off roadside stalls. They have a lot of flesh on them so they do stretch a long way.

After eking the final dregs of colour out of the summer bedding plants I waved goodbye to them ceremoniously and refilled the pots with fresh compost and a mix of yellow and purple violas for winter. I've never had winter bedding before and my interest is captured by the idea of some pretty colour by the front door over the greyest time of year. I'll keep you updated on how it goes.

It's most pleasant to burn a berry scented candle in the evenings and snuggle under a cosy blanket. The fairy lights on the mantelpiece are omnipresent but now get switched on when it gets dark and I've swapped the bunting on the bed's headboard for more fairy lights like last year. It adds a little bit of sparkle to the dark mornings which can be just what's needed to put me in a great mood.

I have more cooking in mind and of course, more photography to indulge in over the coming months.

What changes are you making at this time of year?


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