It’s not for golf

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

not an outfit for golf
“It's not for golf!” I exclaimed. C is rather convinced it is.
Come to think of it, I'm not really sure what I would wear for golf. I suspect that heels which could puncture the green are strictly forbidden, so I guess that rules this ensemble out on that basis alone.
not an outfit for golf
What I had in mind with this look was a relaxed seventies feel. This red knit top is something I would have avoided 4 years ago but spying it on a rail was like a mini lottery win; it just seemed to be perfect for me; warm, little turtleneck and short sleeves with a quirky pattern. Love it! My True Religion Joey jeans are just the right amount of flare without being impractical, plus when worn with heels they magically make me look tall. You probably can't see my monster heels but that's ok, let's forget I mentioned it and pretend they're flats... and I'm actually a towering 5'10. It's our little secret.
not an outfit for golf
My gorgeous Joules bag* from Country Attire is so versatile that it fits in a treat with outfit as well as with pretty much everything else I wear. It's satchel-esque quality makes it stylish without being too pigeon-holed into one trend.
not an outfit for golfnot an outfit for golf
In the interest of absolute clarity I want to point out that my black base layer is a long vest top and not a massive pair of knickers. Let's get that straight!

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