An autumn phenomena

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Norfolk countryside in autumnNorfolk countryside in autumnNorfolk countryside in autumn

I don't know whether this is a widespread phenomena or whether it's just me but the onset of autumn brings about such an unsettled state of mind. Whilst sitting and waiting one morning this week I heard a lady on the radio offering up the concept that although the season appears on the surface to be all death and decay there is in fact plenty of hope to be found in the gathering of the fruits of summer labours and quite literally making them into something new. She ventured on to propose that even in the 'autumn' of adult life (ie. When things stagnate or seem to have to purpose or seem to be falling to pieces) that by gathering up the components around us we can make something new and positive to move forward with.

I may well have grimaced. To me, autumn is such a naturally dismal time of the year; watching everything so good about summer just going to ruin all around from great tall trees, acres of fields and to the ground beneath my feet. The whole world falls apart in my hands and I can't stop it. Each leaf turning one by one from a lush, green piece of artistry to a flaccid, sickly yellow before deathly brown either initially crisp or straight to wet before eventually becoming a gungey gooey slop of a primitive bog.

I'm trying to find the best in everything, but I guess right now I need to try a little harder.


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  1. I feel the same as you do about Autumn. Every time September rolls round, I wait for the inevitable, "I love Fall/Autumn," blogger fervour which, I confess, just pees me off. I know I'm bah humbug about it but that's just the way it is.x

  2. See I love this time of year, probably because my birthday is at the end of October. I always feel like it is a fresh start (maybe it's that back to school feeling?) rather than being the end of something!

    Maria xxx

  3. I have to confess that spring is my favourite season because nature begins to re-awaken from the winter slumber, but, funnily enough even in the depths of winter there's always something fascinating happening in the natural world. I do love autumn mainly because it is mushroom and fungus season, but when it comes to warmth and sunlight, I definitely understand why it's gloomy for a lot of people. One of my friends suffers quite badly with SAD so this time of year for her is never any fun, but I suppose the prospect of Halloween and then Christmas create the joy. And your stunning photos in this post prove it too! - Tasha


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