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Thursday, October 29, 2015

autumn leaves and a grey blouse

If you go down to the woods today you'll find every shade of leaf that you ever could imagine. The forest floor was littered with crispy leaves as far as the eye could see and it was amazing to see the warmth in the environment; the hue of oranges was stunning. I'm trying to embrace the change, I'm trying to enjoy the new feel. I want to believe in it.

autumn leaves and a grey blouse

autumn leaves and a grey blouse

It's just as well there is so much colour in the background as I'm wearing possibly the most drab shade of grey and a pair of jeans. I'd just fade away against the murkiness of recent cloudy skies lately. This blouse is one of the few I own with a pretty little bow to the neck, not quite a pussybow but close enough for the moment. The blouse itself is a lovely one, with neat details to the neck, sleeves, cuffs, cute buttons... in fact it's almost too 'busy' for my taste and perhaps the only thing keeping it from being too fussy for my taste is the sombre colour. I must be minded to wear it more.

autumn leaves and a grey blouseautumn leaves and a grey blouse

In my head it made sense to wear jeans to the woods on a wet day. Turns out I was wrong, the mud and wet travelled up my jeans, up past my ankles making them heavy and uncomfortable. Would have been better off in a skirt after all. Noted for future.


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