A January life catch up

Monday, February 01, 2016

little birds on a phone line

The start of every new year can be a little unsettled; what with getting over the last dregs of Christmas as well as the introduction of resolutions. I'm not entirely sure I like beginning anything new in the middle of winter - it's the worst time of year for inspiring any sort of enthusiasm. Surely spring would be the optimum point in the year for implementing positive changes? Certainly from my personal viewpoint it would make more sense. Nevertheless, in accordance with my resolutions for 2016 I have been making a few changes which I'll probably cover in greater depth over the next little while.

growing an amaryllis
In the spirit of talking a little bit more about things I love this post is a little jumble of bits and bobs. 
After the success of last years amaryllis, I'm already filling up with joy over since planting this little beauty (another present from my Nan) and this one is an unusual purple one so I'm excited to see what the flower will look like in a few weeks' time. The bulb from last year was kept around the house and after just sprouting greenery I lopped it all off and stuck it in a dark cupboard for a number of weeks. Last week I took it out, watered it and popped it out on the table, I'm not convinced it will spring back into life but who knows.

daffodils in a vase
I've bought bunches of daffodils two weeks running to keep on the kitchen table. They've been so bright and cheerful which is well worth £1 a week, I can tell you. Fresh flowers are a real treat so I make sure I look at them as much as I can to exude maximum positivity.

home made pie
We've been cooking! When I say we, I mean predominantly C in his wonderful way. He's a better cook than I am. My preference is to cook up things I know how to make, then perhaps make variations on them. I'm all at sea with cooking new things on my own and I'd much rather return to dishes I've made (and enjoyed) before. I have made a few meals; this pie being one of them, a labour of love (although that labour did not extend to making pastry, when it's available pre-rolled I'm hardly going to sweat it out trying to make my own). It's a Jamie Oliver turkey and leek favourite which we make with Christmas turkey leftovers every year. The best thing to do is make enough for two meals as it takes zero more effort but you will be so happy when you get pie again a day or two after, trust me.

winter skies in Norfolk
The skies have been utterly phenomenal lately, I can't help trying to capture each one but they change so quickly. I feel thankful to be able to witness such stunning natural displays wit my own eyes; Norfolk's big skies are so inspiring. I must look up more and be grateful.

rejuvenation water
This week I've been drinking rejuvenation water. Do I look younger and sprightlier yet?! 

rejuvenation water
That's all for the moment but I have plenty on the horizon so keep your eyes peeled and your minds open.

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