Deep heat roll on lotion

Thursday, February 11, 2016

deep heat roll on lotion review

Much as I like to know my exercise was a worthwhile endeavour, I could really do without the muscle aches for the day (or two, or three!) after. When working out as part of my group class we always do both a warm up and cool down but I have to admit that when I work out alone or go running there is precious little attention paid to cooling down properly.
There's a new product out from Deep Heat which I'm pretty sure has been designed specifically for me. It looks like a roll on antiperspirant but it's a muscle massage lotion. Deep Heat is one of those products I have always classified as one for Dad; along with all the other really strong manly smelling soaps, aftershaves, lotions, TCP, Vicks. All the strong stuff. In fact I can't recall daring to use Deep Heat myself, even when it would have been wise to. C has used it and the doctor has recommended it for his dickie neck.

So back to this roll on lotion. This one is for me.

It's a double whammy of a product as you can use it both before and after exercise.
Use before to warm up muscles both with the massaging of the rollerball bottle and the lotion which heats the muscle and increases blood flow. I find that my feet and ankles are very cold before I hop on the treadmill in winter so I popped some around my ankles then ran. I found the muscles heated up super fast once I started running and it took me by surprise. An excellent idea for me especially in winter.
Once I'd finished my run and bathed I put the lotion on the backs on my knees and calves as this is where I quite often feel stiff the day after. This time the lotion started warming almost immediately! No stiffness or aches at all afterwards.

It's non-medicinal, so there's no fretting about drugs (have I mentioned before that I really hate taking medicines?) It's got a pleasant herbal fragrance which I have to say I rather enjoyed. Now, Deep Heat tend to be a little modest when they say the product is 'warming', I have to say I nearly let out an initial expletion on the maiden trial of this lotion but my overall opinion is that it's a darned good product which I've enjoyed using and I would concur that it does exactly what it claims to. I'll be buying another of these when I've used up this one.

Thanks to Deep Heat for sending this product to me to review. All content and opinions are my own as always

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