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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Norfolk developers conference

I wanted to spend 2016 supporting local and independent brands more. As I'm getting older I can see the benefit to everyone in shopping local and spending money on worthwhile buys instead of throwing money at a multinational corporation. For quite a while we've eaten out at non-chain restaurants, they are absolutely the best places to dine and I would recommend you try it too. So what else can I do? Well, I love discovering local businesses which offer something I want. Of course, if you want to penny pinch then finding the best price for something will inevitably mean getting it online from a household name but we've all heard how they go about doing business. By investing in the skills of a small scale firm you are putting the money straight in the pocket of people who are working hard for themselves and their team. A family run entity is the best example of this and I know a few which are particularly inspiring. 

There are so many hard working and creative people who put in so many hours, pouring their life into their livelihoods. It's not easy to start a business, try to grow it and make it a success and that deserves support and recognition. I've been really pleased to support a few on the blog over the last few years and I very much hope to build on that going forwards.

When Paul got in touch a while ago to see if I could spread the word, I was happy to help.
NorDEVcon is Norfolk developers' tech, business and agile conference held at The King's Centre, Norwich 25th - 27th February 2016. How great to host such an informative event in our fine city, surely a must for any budding developers.  It's always beneficial to grab opportunities to further skills, get inspired and exchange ideas

Norfolk developers conference
On Friday I received a surprise bumper box of goodies in the post from Corkers, hurrah! They've re-vamped the packaging and added some new flavours to their range. Gone are the pretty pastel packets we saw when I first tried Corkers crisps back in May in favour of the new louder colours with bolder and contrasting iconic British graphics. I like the new look plus it's easier to identify each flavour now, my favourite potato crisps are the duck and hoisin sauce.... or the cheddar cheese and chive. Both are very goooood. 

Corkers crisps review

Not only are Corkers down the country road from us, in Ely, but they grow the potatoes, wash, grade and cook them all on site too. The flavours are excellent, a good hit of taste with every mouthful but my favourite thing is the proper crunch. Vegetable crisps are something of a treat for me. Given the choice I'm sure I'd veer towards the vegetable packs every time and that's probably due to my sweet tooth. In a selfless moment I offered to share the sweet potato, parsnip, carrot and beetroot pack with C. We carefully took turns in taking out a few crisps and ensuring that neither took too many in each go. They were divine. I'm keeping the sweet potato with chilli and the parsnip with honey and black pepper to myself. The rest of the potato crisps can be C's in lieu. Fingers crossed that's enough.

Have you thought about making the most of what's on your doorstep?


Thanks to Corkers for sending me a lovely box and to NorDEVcon for the t-shirt. All content and opinions my own.

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