Snowdrops in bloom

Monday, February 08, 2016

Snowdrops in bloom! It's been a delight to see these wonderful little pearly white droplets nestling in grasses, gardens and verges over the past few days. As the first wild flowers to put on a show of the year it's a sort of 'welcome' with spring (supposedly) a way off but these serve as some sort of aperitif of things to come. 

Have you spotted the snowdrops in bloom?

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  1. A weekend wander through some nearby parkland welcomed us with carpets of these pretty little flowers.

  2. Golly they are starting to go past their best now here in places!

  3. They are pretty! I always think of Enid Blyton books when I think of them!

  4. We visited Anglesey Abbey last Wednesday to see the snowdrops - two weeks earlier than last year. Some were small clumps and some were as white carpets. A few were past their best.
    Worth a visit before they are all gone for another year.


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