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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Pinafore sack dress
There is something delightfully rebellious about wearing an ugly dress. This pinafore frock is a made from something akin to a Hessian sack, possibly a large potato sack with two utilitarian straps sewn on and a strategic zip sewn in up one side. A couple of nips in to the -frankly unfeminine- bust line are the only real detail to speak of. No, wait, POCKETS!
Being any colour other than this two tone industrial brown might have lifted it, but instead of hating it for being so ugly, I think I love it all the more. It's almost like the dress is saying "I know I'm a plain, unflattering colour, shape and my fabric feels rough, like it's already been worn out but I'm not denying it - let's embrace it"

Pinafore sack dress

Pinafore sack dress
Layering is still key while it's so brutally cold. I wanted to wear a cream roll neck underneath ideally but as I don't own one that wasn't on the cards. My compromise was this soft green long sleeved top with my cropped turtle neck underneath (plus a thermal vest that we won't mention). It looks plenty retro enough to look current and certainly countryside-y enough to be a look which I would call my own. Experimenting with cuts, textures and colours is all part of the fun of making the most of what's in your wardrobe.
I must thank Hazel for this pretty necklace she sent me for Christmas, I've worn it a few times already but this is probably the first occasion on which it's been visible in my photographs!

Pinafore sack dress
Pinafore sack dress
Do you have any ugly favourites? Go on, tell me.

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