Teal and whimsy

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Teal and a whimsical skirt
Keep it simple. My favourite black skirt has been ready and waiting for me since I took the time to mend it by hand last year. I took it on holiday and skipped through a garden of flowers but this is an item that I'll draw on time and time again. Some people criticise overflowing wardrobes. There is no denying that I own a lot of clothes but let's be fair, I do wear them all if infrequently. Clothes are not just layers I wear to keep me covered or keep the cold out (though that is helpful), clothes are a hobby and give me much joy and entertainment. 

Teal and a whimsical skirt
My teal turtle neck long sleeved top is one that I picked up on holiday as the colour is one I'm attracted to as well as loving the snug neckline, you know how much I love a high neckline. Heart pendent necklace is one of the few I reach for all the time at the moment. This studded belt on the other hand had slunk out of sight for months and only after a curious look through a few accessories uncovered it. It adds a little variety to a somewhat whimsical skirt. Bag is my favourite Joules piece from Country Attire which looks fabulous with everything, such a versatile accessory.

Teal and a whimsical skirt

Teal and a whimsical skirt
 Do you entertain a little whimsy from time to time?

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