Faux fur and stripes

Monday, February 29, 2016

Faux fur and stripes in winter
Very occasionally I have a good idea for an outfit I'd like to wear well before I have cause to go out. This dress is a cosy knit and when I wore it before in May I paired it with grey tights which was quite sombre really. The dress itself is what I would classify as colourfully muted; the burgundy, grey, yellow and white create busy stripes but from a distance look much plainer than right up close. I'm convinced the dress itself is Scandinavian in spirit, something to do with the drop waist and colours... I can't really explain it. However, seeing it alongside my beautiful white faux fur waistcoat made me yearn to wear them together. 
Faux fur and stripes in winter
Keeping warm has been priority number one for so may months now, I can't wait 'til it's warm enough to wear fun things without having to bung on endless layers to avoid hypothermia.
Faux fur and stripes in winter

Faux fur and stripes in winter
Faux fur and stripes in winter
Stripes, knits and faux fur. Thermal tights, boots. A hat, scarf and a coat. I'm making do this winter.
Faux fur and stripes in winter
Wrap up warm!

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  1. you're right, this looks so much brighter with burgundy tights and a cream waistcoat - it's a perfect pairing. You just need a big woolly blue snood!


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