Grey and check

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

wearing grey in the countryside
One of my school uniforms was grey. Notoriously, people get put off their school uniform colours for life (or at least a while) and I hated grey for years but I'm happy to say that grey is now allowed back into my life with open arms. Navy, on the other hand is still eyed with suspicion.  
wearing grey in the countryside
I was so pleased to find this green checked shirt a while ago. My new favourite thing to stumble across in a charity shop is a good quality shirt. This one is ok, but not that high a quality. Comfortable and wearable and colourful are doing the job well.
wearing grey in the countryside
This grey tank may masquerade as a rather boring piece on it's lonesome but it brings a good grounding to any outfit. Grey arguably goes with both everything and nothing. Embrace grey a a staple.
wearing grey in the countryside
Ah! This skirt! I love it so much. Such solid, stout, countryside charm. A sturdy knee length, tweedy style with a lovely detail to the hem. I love how it always just feels 'right' to wear.
wearing grey in the countryside
Are you ok with grey?

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