Springtime wishes plans

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

springtime plans
The new season is in full swing so I wanted to share a few plans and aspirations for the new season so you can see what ought to be cropping up here over the next couple of months (I always enjoy reading Hazel's list).
springtime plans

springtime plans
springtime plans
I'll start with what's already done
  • Get started in the greenhouse. Start off the flowers and vegetables. Tidy the greenhouse. It's been lovely and I'm enjoying it.
  • Bird feeders and nest boxes. Check! C has put them all up, two feeders and three boxes. I'm so excited  We also have a little bird bath too (in the hope pigeons won't bother).
  • Take a weekend away. Yes! We spent the weekend in Cumbria and were lucky with the weather. Hopefully plenty to share on that soon. 
  • Write letters. Three. Posted, almost.
  • Spring clean. The last year and a bit have seen something of a u-turn in housekeeping. We have been keeping everything pretty spick and span so it's just a case of upkeep.

What's still to do

  • Make a start at the allotment. Sadly it's staying really wet after a lot of recent rainfall so although C has put a lot of manure over the plot, its still a far cry from being prepared.
  • Bake a cake. I have a burning desire to make a Victoria sponge for the Easter weekend.
  • The great bi-annual wardrobe reshuffle. Oh it's always such a mammoth ordeal but discovering clothes that were forgotten for a while is good.
  • Pick flowers from the garden. I'm not sure whether I'm too early for this but we'll see!
  • Swap winter for summer bedding plants. Again, not sure how early is too early!
  • Make a new tablecloth. I need to source some material, which is the annoying bit. Just whipping up the sewing machine shouldn't take all that long. 
  • Sort out my footwear. I need to get my summer sandals and ankle boots out. Maybe even buy some more, I have my eye on this pair of little grey boots from Daniel Footwear and also I need a pair of canvas festival shoes too
  • Summer style. I have my heart set on floaty dresses and flowers in my hair. Help.

springtime plans
springtime plans
This dress from Asos caught my eye.

What are your plans for spring?
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