Just because

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Sometimes I like something just because. This weed for example. Oh how I love photographing weeds I find growing out and about.
Nature is inspiring in so many ways, despite an interest in science at school and generally having a logical mind, I find that explanations about nature are simply not required. They're a bonus, but not essential. How does the moon affect the tides? No idea, but I like that it does. How do all the flying ants choose the same day to take flight? No idea, but it's fascinating all the same.
I'm an appreciator of what I see. A quiet surroundings and a bit of sunlight is all I need to explore, the slower the better. Winter has been a distinctly empty time but now that spring is trying to roll out I'm in for plenty of treats. Bring on the bluebells and (more) daffodils. New shoots and blossom. Tiny little flowers evading eyesight and swathes of cow parsley lining roads.

The picture is one I like, just because.

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