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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

growing flowers from seed
My yearning to grow flowers this year led me to buy seeds a month or two back and get my backside in gear. A few of weeks ago I made a start in the greenhouse by having a re-arrange and planting the first batch of seeds. I returned a week or two ago to peek at progress and water the trays, there were a few minute, wispy shoots appearing. On Sunday, after walking Lincoln in the spring sunshine and drinking coffee on the doorstep just to take full advantage of the morning warmth I suddenly felt inspired to pop into the greenhouse to take a look at my plants and see what C had planted himself. Good news! Plenty of growth in my trays! I'm excited. 
Stage 2 of my plan kicked off. I perused my handful of packets with glee. Then I realised some of them only wanted to be planted outdoors.....and some only in April. So I narrowed it down to four tat I needed to plant; marigold, foxglove, dianthus and swan river daisy. The rest will have to bide their time and wait. 
growing flowers from seed

growing flowers from seed
 C had planted of seeds of his own over the last few weeks including cabbage, carrot, brassicas and leeks. My interest was piqued in seeing how many little green shoots had appeared.
I'm trying to be methodical in how I plant my trays and label them so I can keep track of which is which.
I can remember my grandmother's fingers when she was handling plants; all soft but very sure when it came to touching the soil or compost. They never got too dirty, she always bushed off the excess, her short nails never exacerbating the mess. She could tell if something needed watering by pressing it with her thumb. I am yet to really understand things in the way I wish to, but I know it will take time.
My new trays were filled with soil, I carefully tried to break up lumps and delicately fill each pod. add the seeds (at least 2 per pod in the assumption that some will fail to germinate), then add a sprinkling of compost and gently pat down to finish off the job.
growing flowers from seed
I want this to be a success.

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