Pottering in the greenhouse

Monday, March 28, 2016

pottering in the greenhouse
Can I just say that the Easter weekend has been great so far (let's gloss over how storm Katie has landed big style over night).
On Saturday I took the opportunity to make a beeline for the greenhouse and crack on with some more little jobs. Plenty of little seedlings have appeared from the first two tranches of plantings, although I suspect that much of what I'm seeing are imposters! Still, I'm keeping optimistic that it will soon become apparent what is and isn't supposed to be growing. I already identified the dahlia and aster seedlings and oiked out the definite weeds so I'm feeling smug about that.
pottering in the greenhouse

pottering in the greenhouse
Ever the rebel, I decided that although some seeds wanted to be sown outdoors, they were bally well going to be planted inside regardless. It's tough luck. Even the sunflowers are in pots. I'm planning to grow some enormous ones to relive the magic of doing so at Primary School.
There are so many trays in the greenhouse now that they're taking up almost all the space. I have to say that it's making me so happy.
pottering in the greenhouse
The seeds I bought are a wonderful mix of different flowers. Seeing so many varieties in bloom would make for such a sight. Below is a picture of a mix of cottage annuals. All the seeds were so diverse in shape and size. Admittedly these would be better sown direct (and I probably will with the remainder of the packet) but I gleefully inspected my handful of curious dry seeds from the long and wispy to the round, to flakes and curls.
pottering in the greenhouse
Things are a little chaotic this spring but in the interest of maintaining momentum I'm going with it and trying to clear up as I go. My thinking is that I'd rather get plenty started and then have a tidy up. Hopefully, I'll learn some useful tops along the way that I can use next year. Already, I'm thinking of the big clean and tidy that I can do over winter next year.
pottering in the greenhouse
A couple of the winter bedding pots have died a death (due to my neglect, I suspect) so I've re-potted them with my newly acquired summer bedding, some begonias. 
My final job was to empty the bean pods which have been cluttering up the greenhouse for months drying out. The first picture is a totally over-saturated picture of the beans which just looks magic!
pottering in the greenhouse
Much better! I'm keeping them in the greenhouse for a good long while until the risk of frost is gone. I'm excited already. Eeeep!
pottering in the greenhouse
Tell me. Are you growing flowers this year? Or do you have memories of family doing so?

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