On a rainy day off

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Things to do on a rainy day
Sometimes I secretly yearn for a wet day at the weekend. A washout. A write off. Raindrops falling continually throughout the day, pitter pattering against the window pane.
You can get away with staying indoors in the dry, guilt free and indulging in all sorts of things that are usually frowned upon.
The kettle barely has a chance to cool off. Steaming mugs of tea or fresh coffee perch on tables in between small sips.
Stealing an hour to look through a book or photo album on the comfort of the sofa under a warm blanket. I found this amazing large hardback book at a holiday cottage we stayed at recently and it held my attention particularly well, I'm keeping a look out for something similar at home.
Doing a jigsaw, watching an old film. Writing a letter, drawing pictures.
Baking, cooking and whipping up treats or cooking a roast which takes up hours.
A long soak in the bath.
Oh yes, I can manage on a wet day.

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