Why do I end up eating rubbish?

Thursday, March 31, 2016

why do I end up eating rubbish?
Writing this is a must. Why do I constantly gravitate towards terrible eating habits? Given the choice, I usually make poor judgements about what to eat and how much of it to have. Enormous portion sizes, snacks, filling the freezer with junk food...
It's not that I can claim ignorance because I know exactly how fatty and sugary all these processed foods are, it's more just that these are things that in my head seem like tastier things to eat. We usually don't buy biscuits or cakes or chocolate, simply because I'll munch my way through them in no time at all.
Weekends and holidays are usually the worst time when regular good habits all but completely evaporate. All progress made during the rest of the time is quickly reversed (and then some) and it's pretty disheartening when you realise how long it takes to make any progress at all.

The question I have is why do I want to eat all the rubbish, when I know it's going to make me feel disappointed afterwards. I'm sitting here after a fortnight of excesses and wondering why this keeps happening. My usual idea of healthy eating isn't too strict, too restrictive, it's not celery and lettuce leaves for every meal.

I'm left meal planning week by week (as always) and hoping that my willpower will last me a good bit longer this time.

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  1. I wish I had the magic answers to this one Sophie! If we knew for sure I think we would be very wealthy people! All I can say is don't beat yourself up, dust yourself down and try again x

  2. This is me exactly! I have good intentions but I enjoy 'bad' foods and convenient pre-packaged foods so much more than good, freshly prepared healthier alternatives.
    I just keep trying each day to start well and keep it up. Some days I failed before breakfast, other days I do OK.
    I think if I had more time I'd cook more from scratch, go shopping with a menu plan already in place but sometimes I just don't have the time or energy (and sometimes just the inclination!).
    All you can do is your best, food is meant to be enjoyed, we can't make it the enemy.

  3. We've gotten used to menu planning now and can get the shopping list put together in about a quarter hour. It helps having a recipe folder of our favourite meals so we flip through that for ideas.

    I prefer one-pot cooking of curries or something-with-pasta dishes which are pretty easy and cheap meals to do. And my slow cooker is used more often than my oven because, after a quick bit of prep, it can be left to its own devices while we're off doing other things. Cooking from scratch doesn't have to take ages once you get into the habit of it. I think it's more the idea that seems time-consuming and difficult rather than the reality, but then I love my food and enjoy spending half an hour of an evening creating a good meal for us!

    Stephanie Jane

  4. This! I'm really struggling at the moment with healthy eating. Some days I'll do brilliantly and then other days I just feel so hungry and want to eat everything. Not helped when just for Easter I was given enough chocolate to last a few months... That'll be gone in a few days because it's there. Here's hoping we can beat the poor judgements xx

  5. I wish I knew the answer. I agree with the comment that said we can't make food the enemy. I guess it is all about balance but that balance is so hard to achieve. Maybe sometimes we focus too hard on the missteps and don't notice the progress we have made.

    By the way, I love your blog. Your photos of the countryside are just gorgeous.

  6. It is hard. It is also linked to why I cannot seem to stop craving and buying clothes and accessories!
    I'm actually not so bad with sweet stuff at home (it is crisps that are my downfall) but at school, I can't seem to stop scoffing any sweet treats on the table! People bring things for their birthday!
    I think such things were such a rarity as a child that now I can, I do!

  7. I wish I knew the answer to this one too tbh!

    Sophie x


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