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Monday, March 07, 2016

Norwich Fashion Jam charity shopping outfit
Most of my wardrobe is second hand clothes, primarily sourced in charity shops. I don't talk about shopping all that much come to think of it. Buying new-new clothes is quite a rareity for me, I don't tend to go out with the purpose of buying specific things and I almost never see someone wearing an item, ask them and go out and buy it myself. It's usually more that I pop in to a charity shop for a browse and if something grabs my attention then more often that not I can't resist buying it. 
Norwich Fashion Jam charity shopping outfit
This jacket was a great find, one that I was thrilled to get my hands on (even though C exclaims I must be off to the dog races every time I wear it). My knitted skirt is a firm favourite which I've worn loads of times and this brown sparkly knitted jumper ties the whole outfit together. I've accessorised with my charity shopped heart necklace, T K Maxx boots and Joules bag from Country Attire. 

What I've realised about second hand shopping is the more you find, the more continuity your wardrobe has. These days I have far more that can be worn together in an interchangeable mix'n'match manner which is exactly as it should be.
Norwich Fashion Jam charity shopping outfit
These days fashion is a far more inclusive term than ever before and next week on Monday 14th March there is a new fashion show as part of Norwich Fashion Week called Norwich Fashion Jam which sees local students, bloggers, makers, stylists, creatives and designers put together outfits for the catwalk made only out of AgeUK Norwich charity shop donations. That sounds pretty cool. They have 24 hours to do it in starting Friday 11th March and then the show is held on the Monday at Norwich Castle! Want to get involved with the challenge or buy tickets to see the show? Money raised goes to support AgeUK. 
Norwich Fashion Jam charity shopping outfit
Are you a fan of charity shopping too? (I know for a fact some of you are!)

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