Dawn of September

Thursday, September 01, 2016

dawn of September
Well, September crept up on me quickly. I was so busy enjoying August to see how close we were to the cusp; before I knew it the dawn had brought with it a new month. If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll probably have gathered that my heart lies in summer, awakened in spring. The wind down of autumn into winter is not a prospect I relish but over the last few years I have sought high and low for the highlights and joys of each season - and somewhat bigheadedly I think I've managed it.
For the next few weeks at least I'm hoping for warm weather and sunshine. Then maybe as we head to October I can reluctantly admit that things will take a turn for the cooler. Evenings already feel like they are drawing in quickly. Taking an evening stroll is something of a brisker affair to make it home before dark but is well worth persisting with until the very last day. Bare legs and arms, or sometimes a warmer jumper but sunglasses to shield my eyes from the setting sun. I'm holding on to the lasting moments of my favourite season until the bitter end.

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