Wednesday, September 14, 2016

fashion in the countryside
Hands up, I admit it. There's been a little shopping spree lately. This dress is a recent charity shop find which isn't a particularly 'me' dress; yet the floral pattern was one my eye was drawn to. Looking at these photographs now it rather looks like a pretty melange of raspberries and blueberries smattered in a symphony. 
fashion in the countryside
A belt is virtually a necessity when a dress has belt loops (and unfortunately this one does) which is a bit of a shame as I like how it hangs on it's own. Lovely to find a white dress which isn't sheer for a change.  The neckline meets very much with my satisfaction, as does the hem. A dress with room to manoeuvre inside is fine by me.
fashion in the countryside

fashion in the countryside
 I was queried recently on precisely what ankle boots could be worn with. The answer, dear friends, is nigh on everything. Dresses, yes, most certainly.
fashion in the countryside
The unusual gathering to the neck is a pleasant variation to the norm.
fashion in the countryside
Another new favourite for the wardrobe!

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