Winds of change

Monday, September 12, 2016

I'm the first to admit that change is something I feel deeply uncomfortable about. The end of each season brings with it a resentment on my part, which is petty, I realise. In my three decades on this Earth I can honestly say I hold a grudge against the colder months, which rather casts a shadow over half the year. Being an outdoorsy person, I notice all the problems that autumn introduces and winter worsens. Dark mornings, dark evenings, they hold you hostage indoors. Freezing cold nights and early starts do not a happy marriage make.
It's no doubt me who needs to change my mindset; thinking of change as an opportunity instead of a liability, to embrace the new and relish journeying into a new part of the cycle. I'd love to feel the same excitement as others profess to hold for the forthcoming months.
How do you feel about the change of seasons?

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  1. I don't mind the changing seasons, but it irks me that people are already declaring autumn. It's not autumn until Sept 22nd (I've just read Kezzie's post on the subject funnily enough).
    I don't enjoy winter that much but I like to see each season as a time to enjoy different things. That's why I write seasonal to-do lists, to focus on the nice things a season brings.

  2. I love all the seasons except Spring, which I find wet and with all the annoyances of Summer at lower temperature!
    I enjoy winter and autumn - especially harvest and the autumnal colours.

  3. Yes, as Hazel mentions, I have written something of a similar sort of ilk.

  4. I definitely understand this and the frustration behind the coming chillier, darker months. I love springtime and I always relish those first few warmer days with nature coming into bloom, and while there are many wonderful wintry natural moments they can be harder to enjoy, like you said, when the evenings and mornings are often so dark, but I try to push myself to see them in each day, even if it's something small like the bright red berries on a holly bush for examples, or the cracking noise that ice makes, or getting the chance to photograph the hoar frost on very cold mornings. I think having lots of holidays in a row can help as well, such as Halloween and Bonfire Night and of course Christmas, but I also know that these months can be quite hard for families and for lots of people, for whatever reason. The things I take joy in during these colder months are the warmth indoors, crafting, baking, getting ready for the holidays, shopping for gifts or making gifts and generally keeping busy. I also like to decorate as the months change and I find that helps a lot too. If I am idle I can easily become depressed or anxious and the darker weather can make it worse so as long as I'm busy or relaxing with friends or family I am good and hopefully that helps you a little! Sorry for the long comments but those are just my survival techniques - I try to make my own joy if that makes sense? - Tasha


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