Winds of change

Monday, September 12, 2016

I'm the first to admit that change is something I feel deeply uncomfortable about. The end of each season brings with it a resentment on my part, which is petty, I realise. In my three decades on this Earth I can honestly say I hold a grudge against the colder months, which rather casts a shadow over half the year. Being an outdoorsy person, I notice all the problems that autumn introduces and winter worsens. Dark mornings, dark evenings, they hold you hostage indoors. Freezing cold nights and early starts do not a happy marriage make.
It's no doubt me who needs to change my mindset; thinking of change as an opportunity instead of a liability, to embrace the new and relish journeying into a new part of the cycle. I'd love to feel the same excitement as others profess to hold for the forthcoming months.
How do you feel about the change of seasons?

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