Taking things for granted

Monday, September 05, 2016

It's too easy to take things for granted. The big things, the little things. Health, age, season.... You name it, I've probably taken it for granted at some point in my life, if not now. Sometimes you get a wake up call. Often you don't.
I made it a mission to appreciate myself more a long time ago, although I think the post has been long since archived. You see a lot of these weight loss journey stories with people saying how overjoyed they are with the results and how they feel so good about themselves now. Well, I wanted to feel like that without any journey. Looking in the mirror and smiling; feeling happy to be myself. Celebrating how much effort I've put in to looking after myself and appreciating who I am instead of picking at faults and chastising. Wearing a smile instead of a frown.
Waking up in a comfortable bed to the sound of the birds singing. I really feel grateful for being able to open the back door and breathe in the fresh air; the quiet and the calm are things that are of great value to me.
Living in a beautiful part of the country. It's lovely here. Safe. Quiet. I take it for granted all the time, every day. My Gran yearned to move back into the town when my Grandpa passed away. I never understood it. I still can't. She liked the hubbub, the life, the busy comings and goings. It's something which makes my skin crawl. I love distance. I'll sit back from the the town. I don't want to be part of that busy life. Terrifying things happen on the streets of towns and cities every day. Things you don't want to think about; they turn your stomach and make your blood run cold. Unhuman acts. Civilisation is perhaps the wrong word.
I want to remember how fortunate I am, all the time, that I have the privilege of being left alone to my own devices. To be lucky enough to live my life as I wish is a wonderful thing. Taking my camera out to capture the smallest of things is a luxury I shouldn't take for granted.
Stay safe,

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