What goes through peoples' heads

Monday, September 19, 2016

Camembert on  a bin
Firstly; have you ever seen anything so middle class? Someone leaving a Camembert on top of a bin. But the main point of this post. I do wonder what goes on in peoples' heads. Why would you leave a cheese (box) on top of a bin?! Why not put it IN the bin, it's clearly not full. It's closing in on being as unfathomable as people who bag up their dog's poop but leave the bag in the hedge. I saw a lady lob a bag of it over a low hedge at Sandringham Country Park once (it wasn't the Queen); we were far enough behind that she didn't notice our presence and for a moment I thought I'd holler at her for such dreadful behaviour, but words failed me and I let it go. It still bothers me that I didn't challenge her malpractice.
Littering. Of wrappers. Also baffling. On what planet has it ever been acceptable to chuck a half eaten takeaway out of a car window? Its disgraceful. Fly tipping has to be the worst; people just dumping sofas, fridges and whole loads of rubbish by the roadside. I just can't understand how people can sleep at night.
Put things in the bin, take loads to the tip or rent a skip. It's that simple.

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