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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

dress for all occasions
Old faithful; that's how I think of this dress. I bought it years ago, via ebay no doubt - at one stage that was my mainstay way of shopping. The postman got quite tired of delivering parcels. Anyway, this dress has remained one of my reliable favourites, suitable for everything. Flattering, practical, warm enough, cool enough, always looks just right. It was, however, too much for a poke around a local auction over the bank holiday weekend... When most of the other locals looked like they were ready to jump back into their tractors I stood out like a floral sore thumb. Maybe the flowers in my hair were the final straw.
dress for all occasions

dress for all occasions
The crux of the post was to reach out to you - fellow bloggers - who either never, or hardly ever post outfit pictures of yourselves. I can't emphasise enough how important I consider it to be comfortable with how you dress and how you feel. I started taking outfit pictures back in 2011 and ouch some of them were uncomfortable. Maybe you feel just as awkward as I was. Maybe not.
I used to hate my hair and skin - for years, since I was about 12 or 13 when you start to notice how you compare to other girls. it's only in the last 3 to 4 years that not only have I embraced how I naturally look but actually feel good bout myself. A smile goes a long way. Relaxed shoulders and a twirl for good measure. Knowing who you are is a bit of an unburdening...
dress for all occasions
It only takes a minute, or four to take some pictures of yourself and reflect on that. I got all of these in four minutes. Of course, if you're after something more specific it may take much longer but I always prefer to pick out a few which turn out the most flattering.
It's too easy to lose sight of who you are, or look like. My advice is to run with it, breathe easy and smile. Pick your fights carefully; there is no point wasting energy fighting yourself. There are plenty more battles out there more worthwhile.
dress for all occasions

dress for all occasions

dress for all occasions
I'm rustic. Little make up, wild curls.... That's who I am. It only takes a minute to see.

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  1. Stunning.Absolutely beautiful.Well written and thoughtful too,what a lovely start to the day.


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