The bronze age

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Hello, let's wave leaves around.
Back in November there were more to choose from, still hanging on trees but these days it has to be more a case of picking something off the floor.
I'm feeling super festive, still. In fact I have done for most of November. The trees and decorations are up, spirits are high and there's several weeks of wonderful Christmasness to go. It's the best part of Christmas - the build up. The day itself is obviously brilliant but even Boxing day feels 'over it' and by 27th it's like the mess after a party that doesn't get tidied away for a week.
Some wet and drab days, some crisp and bright. Autumn is coming to an end soon enough and the time for big coats is drawing in. Layering up with vests, jumpers and thick jackets has been fun. Have I worn any shirts yet? Nope. It's all been about high necks and fingerless gloves- which I have already mislaid somewhere.

Take care,

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