Seasonal shades

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Over the last month I have only been out with the camera  handful of times. The colours of autumn are ebbing away, making a slow but sure descent to the ground, to become more gloop. I've enjoyed the hot oranges, yellows and fiery reds; the colour palette of the landscape has been one thing but isolated pockets of colour have been most of interest to me. Our beautiful tree is all but empty now which although inevitable was sad nevertheless.

How cool is this? Ladybirds all snuggled into this seed head.

Sunlight trying to fight through bare branches.

What we really wanted to find was some mistletoe. It grows in the most curious manner, being parasitic and leaching off a host tree. Like a bush growing in the midst of a tree. No joy sadly, which comes as no surprise to me. Apparently mistletoe is slow to establish and rather picky about it's host. Likely as not I'll have to splash out on a pricey sprig from the florists if I want any in the house. Have you seen mistletoe growing wild?

Catkins appearing here and there.
I love all the colour dabbed into the backdrop of this.
Still some sloes for the birds.

Have you been out lately?

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