Christmastime crafting

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

We plunged into Christmas crafting in early November. Remember we foraged pine cones? (Let's gloss over my small misunderstanding about 'the right kind of cone'). The cones were dried out and decorated. C set about spray painting some in gold, silver and white. Others were doused in glue the glitter. I preferred to sit and gently brush on glitter glue to the very tips. like little toenails. I like the overall mix, eclectic as they turned out. A wreath template was bought and I had high hopes to make one but as time ticked way there was still no sign of a start being made. It was only on Saturday I finally mustered the momentum to kick off proceedings by gathering some suitable material. Green and variegated holly, conifer and some ivy complete with berries. It's got to be the loose ivy otherwise stripping it off a tree will only look strange and will be dusty.
I have no idea why holly wreath DIYs don't bang on a bit more about how painful it is to make. Dear me, I winced and yelped no end! To secure the greenery to the wrath I used green florists' wire then once it bulked out I just resorted to jamming stems into the already secure matter. I started with a layer of frilly, airy conifer just like a little base doily then hollies then ivy and as a final flourish the cones were bound on with wire. You can't really see any wire unless you get almost rudely too close.

We have multiple trees. Unashamedly more is more. As well as hanging cones on the tree (glue gun used to attach string to the tops), we dried out orange slices, made little wooden ornaments which were spray painted then adorned with crafty bits (not pictured). Mine looked satisfactory but not exactly etsy-worthy.
Being able to immerse myself in Christmas crafting has offered a welcome escape.
Are you making anything this Christmas?
Take care,

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