Ominous skies

Monday, December 17, 2018

It was at least  fortnight ago when I snapped this selection of pictures which explains why there are still leaves to be seen. Thanks to Deirdre on Saturday there are none left now. 

On this trip out I embraced the long lost (not lost, just unloved) zoom lens which C encourged me to try. It was while we were out I asked if it was the same lens I used to use (which it was) and had I known this I'd not have bothered with a second chance as it isn't my thing at all. 
For starters, it's much heavier which means my neck is burdened with it, it thwacks my ribcage with more of a wrecking ball style impact than my snub little prime lens.
Then it's longer and needs more balance and manhandling to use; ideally a tripod which I hate as I like spontaneity to dominate my shots, not a preconceived putting together of n image. 
Thirdly, as it's a zoom lens this requires decision as to how much to zoom in. Add to this the manual focussing and you have too much in the way of twizzling to do. Personally, I only ever like to use manual focus, not auto (not least because the auto is shockingly bad) but attempting to use auto only results in my lens' indecision as to where the point of focus should be, repeatedly extending and retreating with loud and clicky mechanical grinding. 
Nothing special enough about these shots to warrant another frutrating excursion with it, so I'll stick to my beloved 50mm prime in future. 

Take care,

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