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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Our coat rack gave up the ghost a while ago and yet for months we persisted in hanging coats on the precarious drooping hooks and broken stubs. C replaced the hooks a few weeks ago and during the days all our outdoor clobber lay heaped in an ugly pile I ignored it until the new hooks beckoned their cargo aboard. It did mean I had to sort through what we own and create a more reasonable system. Out of the four hooks I assigned the left two for C and right two for myself - it had been claimed that the majority of the items were mine which was strictly not true and my new display proves otherwise. Light summer jackets have been moved as they won't be needed for a while yet. Least used stay at the bottom and most used on top. I did find a black smart coat I bought with winter funerals in mind (yes I wore it) and this fabulous winter tweed style long coat from La Redoute years ago for about £11 inc p&p from ebay which arrived along with a note from the seller on how lucky I was to buy it so cheaply. I suspect they were peeved they had to part with it for such a low price.
It's roomy without looking like I've nicked someone else's coat. Fits big jumpers and lunches.
Keeps the draft out and is great for freezing cold days when only a long jacket will suffice, 90% wool. The lining is bold and maybe a little garish but I like it.

Pink and grey is one of my favourite colour combinations. This turtle neck top has been worn so often I am sure it started off a slightly different shade.I bought this velvet-esque wrap biker style skirt recently and it has already proved itself perfect for wearing with warm tights and gusty weather; it's weight averts the risk of blowing up. Plus it's a nice fit and length.

I'm obsessed with the Chris De Burgh track ' a spaceman came travelling' and have been horrified to hear the latest cover which has been released by John Gibbons & Nina Nesbitt. It's not right! Some originals ought not to be tampered with!
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