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Monday, December 03, 2018

 Has there ever been such a protracted absence here? I cannot recall one. Though the rusting up of the 'a' key serves as a timely reminder of my laptop's inactivity. In periods of dormancy it starts to put up a protest and demands a tougher strike than it's compatriots. I apologise for any unexpected absences of the letter 'a' until the keyboard warms back up again.
Life got busy and instead of putting myself under strain, I stepped back and pulled the plug on my hobby instead of pressing on regardless. All is ok now. I'm in the festive spirit and have plenty to share in the days to come.
On Saturday we picked up our Christmas tree from the lovely farm we visit every year. It's such a wonderful way to start December. The family run team deserve the trade and the trees are cut fresh shortly before sale so last perfectly until into the new year. It seems a shame to have to throw it out.
Anyway, I wore a skirt. One which I picked up only a few weeks ago at the lovely day Hazel, Kezzie and I spent on a charity shop jaunt. It was such a good day - in case you are thinking of going to Ipswich, Hazel has written a wonderful post of all THE places to visit. The top came from Ipswich too, it has a wonderful high neck and super flared cuffs. The temperatures were so mild lately that a hooj jumper and coat have been optional extras rather than necessities. 
I love my furry trimmed padded denim jacket, it's been a staple over the last few years and keeps me super toasty and is great as long as the wind isn't raging above 15mph and there's no rain. Give me a few layers, gloves and a scarf and I'm HP.

Plenty to come over the next while. How are you?
Take care,

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