Dilemma to cap it all

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Winter hats are a must for the chilly days of December. I hate having a cold head but find that many hats give me such an itchy forehead! It's often, though not always, natural fibres like wool which cause irritation. The natural reaction is to scratch it by way of scrubbing the hat back and forth along my forehead which of course is a silly thing to do as it only causes more itching. If it's cold enough I persist with the wretched bonnet but if it's mild I'd rather huffily stuff it in a pocket.
It's not the hat, it's me! I would like to ditch the offending hats but I don't want to part with them. Besides, that leaves me not so many options for keeping my head warm. To cap it all I would like to point out the uglier the hat and the more of an idiot it makes me look the less likely it is to cause irritation. Isn't that so predictable?

 I bought this dress from Kezzie a while back. It's a really easy fit. Phew.

Did you catch yesterday's post? I have been crafting Christmassy bits and bobs for weeks (on and off). I forgot to add the most important point I wanted to make which is that I find the best part of Christmas is the build up and the fun things to do in the festive spirit. Mince pies, mulled wine and carols? Yes please. Wrapping with a Christmas film on? Oh lovely. Fairy lights and spices wafting through the house? Bliss.

One week to go. Slow down please!
Take care,

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