Bit of a dew

Monday, November 02, 2020

In all honesty a second lockdown was always expected, although a shorter one much earlier could have saved a lot of rapid transmissions. While we all have to make another adjustment for November the strain on some will be far greater than others and that's going to be difficult. As usual, I'll be hoping to just carry on posting about the great outdoors over here on the blog in my usual fashion. There is so much solace to be found in nature. 

Harebells still clinging on.

Here we go again.
Take care,

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  1. It was inevitable that's for sure. It won't make much difference to life for me, but I know for some it'll bring a number of challenges, which must be incredibly hard.
    The outdoors will be a great source of comfort for many over the coming month, I hope that when all of this is over people will continue to get outside, the benefits have been proven time and again.
    I look forward to seeing more of your nature trails, isn't dew beautiful?

  2. I think the harder thing this time is the lack of light and the coldness and wetness meaning getting outside is somewhat less pleasant. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed my walk last Wednesday in rural Northumberland despite getting completely saturated and covered in mud (although I did NOT like the slippery and treacherous descent into Allen Banks on uneven, steep surfaces covered in wet leaves and mud. )


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