When Mallory Knox played the Norwich Waterfront

Friday, August 22, 2014

Mallory Knox at Norwich WaterfrontMallory Knox at Norwich Waterfront

When trawling the UEA Box Office for any sniff of interest a couple of weeks back my interest was piqued by Mallory Knox. Their current track Ghost in the Mirror is being played plenty on the radio at the moment and I really like it but I couldn't rack my brains and remember what any of their previous music sounded like. In a spontaneous-ish spirit I thought we should just go along for an evening out and hope that they were entertaining enough; seeing that the support were Lonely the Brave who I had also heard of but couldn't place was encouraging. I thoroughly enjoyed the support – I would have been chuffed if they were the main act. Great set and ace music, they'll go far.

selfieLonely the Brave at Norwich Waterfront

Lonely the Brave

It turns out that there are some loyal Mallory Knox fans in Norwich and I'd say 75% of the crowd knew all the words to all the tracks. I committed my own cardinal sin of not familiarising myself with their back catalogue so I did feel like something of an outsider from the second track onwards (they opened with a rousing blast of their current single). Do you know what? It didn't really seem to matter that I didn't know anything else; each track was loud, lively and catchy with the crowd who were most inclusive. There was a great deal singing, air-wanking as Chris calls it (he is one of those who stands planted like a tree throughout, le sigh) and a bit of jumping – or bobbing from me. Their music was clearly designed to be played live for maximum effect, listening to the studio recordings (which although good) don't have the same spark of magic. We both really enjoyed their set, it flew by and the crowd couldn't get enough.

The guys gave a stonking performance, it was high energy and no holds barred. They weren't playing to the crowd, they were playing with us; close enough to almost reach out and touch and really toying with our feelings. I'm going to have a girly moment now if you'll excuse me. They were all so fit, phwoar indeed! They drew us in and totally gave us everything you can can give on the stage.

Despite not knowing much of the music at all, this has to be by far the best gig I've been to in terms of atmosphere, music and overall feel-good experience. Mallory Knox, I bloody love you. Please come back to Norwich soon.


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