Pop of red

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Red is a neutral, I've mentioned that before. What doesn't go with red? Precious little if you ask me. My knackered old scarlet handbag has been in need of replacement for months but I'm so fussy that I haven't found quite the right one to buy despite looking with careful consideration. Ideally something in a shade between post box red to tangerine orange, a medium sized bag that zips shut on top with two handles which can fit over my forearm. One day I'll find the perfect example! You simply cannot lose a bold coloured handbag, it's just not possible.
I digressed! I meant to talk about this lovely red knit jumper which I may or may not have worn before; there is a different red jumper in my wardrobe which is more of a blue red than an orange red if you know what I mean.
It felt uplifting to wear such a bold colour along with my trusty polka dot midi skirt. These ankle boots haven't been seen much action this year but at least after my mammoth boot polishing afternoon they're presentable now. The solid heels have a clippety-clop tone but in general they're a comfortable structured boot.

How do you feel about red?
Take care of yourselves,

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