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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cley MarshesCley MarshesCley MarshesCley MarshesCley MarshesCley Marshes

On the only bright day of the bank holiday weekend we made for the coast and ended up at Cley-Next-The-Sea. The lure of a walk with the camera through a wildlife reserve proved all too much and we found ourselves at Cley Marshes which is a large bird breeding ground managed by Norfolk Wildlife Trust. I didn't take many photographs with birds in at all, they are not what really interests me (nor was the zoom on my camera anywhere near strong enough!).

SONY DSCCley MarshesCley MarshesCley MarshesCley MarshesCley Marshes

In typical Sophie style we bypassed all the bird watching opportunities in favour of stretching our legs and we weren't disappointed. The long path from the visitor centre to the coast took us on to an enormous stretch of beach that we had almost entirely to ourselves.

SONY DSCCley MarshesCley MarshesCley Marshes

I hope you enjoy just perusing the photographs from some days; I don't think they really need many words to go with them. They say everything themselves.


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