How I relax with essential oils

Monday, August 25, 2014

simply supplements essential oils

I've spoken before on how hard I find it to hard to relax without falling asleep so it's an ongoing journey to discover how to unwind and have a few moment of calm to myself without nodding off.

Over winter we tend to burn scented candles in the living room which adds a lovely ambience to the room or adding essential oils to our burner. For a romantic scent the jasmine oil gives a gentle fragrance which is sweet and warming for the room which I love. Or for a more refreshing and invigorating scent I enjoy tea tree or eucalyptus oils which are deliciously fresh and promote an energising feeling.

Perhaps the best uses of the oils are in the bath, it's fabulous to run a hot bath and add a few drops of either the the jojoba carrier oil or sweet almond oil then a few drops of the essential oils for a luxurious scented bathtime. It's not just the fragrance that makes the moment, the carrier oils both make your skin feel moisturised and soft too. I'm so glad I have discovered the joy of oils in the bath in time for winter, pretty sure it's the way forward for me.

The best way to relax may be to use some massage oil and get Chris to make himself useful. Here's hoping.


Oils sent to me by Simply Supplements for review. All opinions and content my own as always

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