Those summer days among the fields of barley

Thursday, August 07, 2014

girl in golden barley fieldgirl in golden barley field

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will know just how attached I am to the fields cereal crops; it's surprising in a way that they haven't featured significantly more over here but that's just the way it's panned out. This green polka dot dress was a find from our blogger's holiday to Norbury last March and has only been worn a couple of times so far as in my mind it's not quite as nice as it is when it's worn. The frills concern me; they do look a bit over fussy but looking at these pictures they look pretty, with the best feature of the dress being the way the high neckline buttons up to the top. My style is most definitely top covered, legs out, though this dress is a most conservative length which does make it practical for a variety of activities, on this occasion walking around the arable fields during the golden hour. My floral crown is perfect for wearing alongside this dress, the colours are spot on to match.

Sophie in the sticksgirl in golden barley field

The gorgeous evening light has made my make up look far better than it deserves to, it's not much different to usual; I only vary the lip colours but recently I have been popping on a bit of eyeliner in the form of a rather blunt black pencil (the proper kind naturally, not one from a pencilcase – I'm not that bad). I'd love to be able to wear liquid eyeliner with flicks but efforts to date have been horrific, please tell me I'm not the only lost cause at this?!

girl in golden barley fieldgirl in golden barley fieldgirl in golden barley field

The hours are numbered for my beloved golden fields as they will be harvesting as soon as the conditions are right. They represent one of the highlights of the Norfolk summer countryside for me and I'll be sad to see them all vanish again. Do check out my Instagram pictures if you like, plenty of Norfolk countryside gets snapped and give me a follow if you want I'm sophieinthesticks

Have a marvellous day


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