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Friday, August 15, 2014

Degustabox July 2014

You know what an avid foodie I am so when I was offered a food box delivery to review I was rather excited. Degustabox is perhaps not the name I would have chosen for the branding but then I'm neither in marketing nor swallowed a dictionary (which informs me that 'degust' means to taste or savour carefully or appreciatively.)

So what's the deal with Degustabox? For £12.99 delivered you get sent a box full of interesting and exciting food and drink goodies to feast on. It really was a joy to open the parcel and squeal a bit about what I found. Apparently, the July box was a little different to usual in that there were two boxes that went out; one with alcohol and one without (although I got lucky and was sent all the products from both, eeep!)

So what was in the box?

Portlebay popcorn

The maple syrup and bacon flavour was one that I initially thought sounded wrong but curiosity got the better of us and we polished the pack off in record time. MORE please! I would definitely buy this off the shelf. The chilli and lime is one which may kick around the cupboard for a few weeks to come as it doesn't tickle my fancy but the sweet and salted one will be next to try (although not all that tempting as it hasn't been demolished yet).

Zeo drinks

These are a grown up beverage for what I would classify as a special occasion, not just drinking at the office. The two we have drunk so far had nice flavours but were none too sweet. Perfectly crisp and dry which makes a pleasant change from the sugar loaded cans of pop tat they rival.

Green and Black's

The dark chocolate with lemon is not my thing at all so I passed this on to Chris who informs me it is absolutely delicious and he'd love another.

The Berry Company speciality teas

I haven't sampled this one just yet, it's a little confusing that it's in a carton.

Hornsby's blueberry cider

HELLO! In the spirit of sampling as much as I could I drunk a bottle of this and let Chris have the other. Not only was I fine (guess it's not a blueberry intolerance after all) I delighted in the taste of this refreshingly different beverage. Having never sampled the 'flavoured' ciders before I didn't know what to expect but I can safely say that I'd buy these again and relish them. Mmmmmm!

Frank bar

No, this wasn't something I would try, nor was it all that nice. It was quite dense and dark, not something I would care to try again.

Dr Oetker Eton mess sprinkles and Dr Oetker violet crystals

Well, my baking days are over (I want me some abs, dammit) so these may only get used as maracas before I pass them along to someone who can make good use of them. They do sound scrum-diddly though, especially the violet crystals and the eton mess. Wait, that's both. Oh well.

Degustabox Maggi so juicy soy chicken


Much as we like cooking from scratch, sometimes you do just need a plan B for when everything goes wrong or you have zero inspiration at all. We have already used some Maggi packets before and they represent pretty good value really and of course they are dead easy to use; simply buy everything you need and just cook according to the instructions.

The soy chicken was my favourite – really tasty and the simplest of the lot. We served ours with stir fried veg and noodles which made for a tasty meal.

Maggi so juicy oriental chickenMaggi beef and ale casserole

Chris made a beef and ale casserole and added extra home grown vegetables. The casserole was nice but no hint of ale in mine.

The cheesy chicken and leek potato bake was that wonderful kind of guilty-pleasure stodge that I do love.

Maggi cheesy chicken and leek bakeMaggi beef and ale csserole

So in conclusion, the receiving the box was cause for excitement with some real highlights and only one real disappointment. For a lovely surprise of goodies once a month Degustabox gets a thumbs up from me. If you want to give yourself or a loved one a treat then get a discount with my special code 7CQJT.

Are you tempted?


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