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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sophie in the sticks crop topSophie in the sticks crop topSophie in the sticks crop top

I'm not known for following trends to the letter; in fact I tend to just wear either whatever takes my fancy that morning or what, in desperation, I fling on in a hurry just to wear something. Having settled on an outfit that was congenially referred to as being 'dressed as a salmon' I was all set to leave the house when Chris pointed out that the skirt was see through (and being an ill-prepared young lady I do not have a petticoat to wear underneath). My second choice skirt was this trusty monochrome polka dot one which has grown on me no end since I took a charity shop punt on it some time back.

Who even says 'young lady'? It's a strange phrase, mostly used on me by men who probably have no idea what age I am and don't want to risk a slightly flirtatious 'darling' or 'love' in case I'm under age. Or my Dad, who just cannot seem to remember that I'm not a child anymore.

Sophie in the sticks crop topSophie in the sticks crop top

Despite my on-going efforts to work on getting that flat stomach and washboard abs (dream on Soph) they have hardly seen the light of day this summer. I guess crop tops haven't snuck into my wardrobe in the way that I might have imagined. This cropped jumper and modest skirt combination is so tame I could wear it anywhere without it looking too revealing – maybe this is my style for the future? Not just yet, I have fun plans for my Autumn/Winter style, haha.

Sophie in the sticks crop topSophie in the sticks crop top

I took my new mint crossover bag from local boutique Aluna J out for it's first spin, what do you think? A couple of weeks ago I popped along to have a snoop around the new place in Norwich (hoping to share more about this very soon, the store is beautiful!) and treated myself to this beauty. You've probably noticed that I'm often spotted with a little crossover bag when out in the countryside as it's really practical especially when carrying the camera around too. The colour is simply gorgeous and I know that it's going to get loads of use; I've been so happy with my red bag from Aluna J that I knew I had to make this mini bag mine!

Sophie in the sticks crop topSophie in the sticks crop top

My obsession with floral crowns has been oh-so-apparent the last few months and I have a few ideas in mind for what I'm going to do come Autumn *shudders, let's not mention that again for a while*. It will mean getting creative so watch this space, but not too closely!


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