My first festival

Friday, August 01, 2014

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My first festival! I know, what have I been doing all my life? This is what I wore; pretty standard demin shorts and floral crown (on my favourite curls, love it when they appear), coral tee, polka dot blouse, boots, bag and jewellery.

Fully aware I have spots in this shot, only pointing it out so you don't think I have food on my face. (anyone else always ask their OH if they have food on their face? I do. Paranoia) but I heart this selfie of us together.

This was all about pints of semi warm beer, the travel chair, being overdressed, loud music (good/bad/ugly) and a giggle with Chris. It was only a small scale event and it was good to get out and enjoy ourselves a few weeks ago.

selfiefestival legsAre there any local Norfolk/Suffolk festivals I shouldn't miss? Talk to me!


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  1. Cute outfit. Sounds like you had a lovely day.

    Cat from OutsideBeautyInsideHealth

  2. Sounds like fun, summer festivals are the best!!!!!

  3. this is the perfect festie look! Pretty, a little grune and practical! You look so so good!! XXX

  4. I went to my first festival last year to see Jamiroquai for my 30th and it was the best night of my life, because I got to see the funk legend that is Nile Rodgers too!I have to say I didn't look half as chic as you, I was a sweaty dancing mess, you look gorgeous :)

    Gems x

  5. I love your curls!
    I have a hankering for Latitude next year... come with me!

  6. I've promised a couple of friends I'll join them for Latitude next year, I'll love the festival but not too sure about the tent!

  7. I haven't been to a festival since 2002 but I used to go to Reading every year and I've been to Glastonbury a few times. Latitude is probably one I'd consider these days but the camping puts me off.


  8. Glad you had a good one. loving the photo of you and hubby.

    X x


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