At sunset | A few people and their dogs on the beach

Sunday, August 31, 2014

sunset at Wells-Next-The-Sea

These photographs have somehow remained elusive over the last few weeks even after setting them aside to be kept safe (a little too safe, clearly). They're from one of the gorgeous, glorious evenings we spent walking along the beach at Wells-Next-The-Sea when I bathed in the late evening glow of the golden hour and beyond.

sunset at Wells-Next-The-Sea

There were precious few people around which was a great delight to have such a beautiful landscape to ourselves but the ones I did see rather tickled me and if there had been just a couple more I had in my head a post entitled 'strange behaviour at sunset'. It was mostly people taking pictures of the sunset, which was beautiful although difficult to capture in a way which showed just how it looked to stand there taking it in.

The man and woman sitting down with their dog in-between was so sweet, along with the parent and child holding hands in the distance. It's one of my favourite photographs in a while and definitely represents how I feel about families; if there are two or more of you it's a family. Chris, Lincoln and I are a family; I loathe it when people say “start a family” honestly, we've been a family for years and reproducing has nothing to do with a status.

sunset at Wells-Next-The-Seasunset at Wells-Next-The-Seasunset at Wells-Next-The-Sea

The woman trying to get her dogs to pay attention while her partner took a picture of them really made me laugh, it was so comical to watch, thankfully they weren't close enough to hear me. I don't know what the group of people bending over were looking at but I sorely wanted to sneak up at have a peep too, to satisfy my nosiness.

sunset at Wells-Next-The-Seasunset at Wells-Next-The-Seasunset at Wells-Next-The-Sea

Sadly, the light in the evenings doesn't last long enough for us to make it to the coast any more but I have all the sights locked away in my memory to lighten up the long winter nights.


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